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Rich Rifkin: Build permanent housing to tackle homelessness

欧洲杯竞猜If you are conscious, you know California has a terrible and growing problem of homelessness. On a single night in January 2019, we had 151,278 homeless individuals in our state. Of those, 71.7 percent were unsheltered. However, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel as our state adopts a solution proven […]

Rich Rifkin: A season of fantastic finishes for the 49ers

欧洲杯竞猜The Super Bowl-bound 49ers haven’t just had a great season so far. They had a historically improbable streak of excitement. In a four-game stretch, three were decided by a score on the last play of regulation and the fourth with 2 seconds remaining. Two were wins; two losses.  Going into their game at Baltimore on […]

Rich Rifkin: Davis roads are bad and will get worse

欧洲杯竞猜King Nebuchadnezzar sees his wife, Queen Amytis, reading the day’s headlines. He asks her, “So honey, what’s news?”  She turns to him and says, “Can you believe it, dear: Trouble in the Middle East!”  Nebuchadnezzar shakes his head. “Trouble in the Middle East! How is that news?” I was reminded of that bygone Babylonian bastard […]

Rich Rifkin: Change to district elections is not all bad

Facing the portent of a lawsuit that alleged that at-large elections in Davis violate the 2002 California Voting Rights Act, the City Council voted on Aug. 13 to switch from at-large to district elections. According to the front-page story in the next day’s Enterprise, council members were not happy about their decision. They felt it […]

Rich Rifkin: If you are an adult, start eating like an adult

UC Berkeley now offers a class called “adulting.” The idea is to teach college kids practical life skills their parents failed to teach them. One lesson, certainly, is how to eat well. Not long ago, a 20-something son of one of my friends came into my kitchen and questioned what I was cooking. “Wow, that […]

Rich Rifkin: Davis needs infill housing that is not automobile dependent

欧洲杯竞猜Davis talks a good game when it comes to environmental policy. Nine months ago, the Davis City Council adopted a “Resolution of the council declaring a climate emergency and proposing mobilization efforts to restore a safe climate.”  Among other things, the 2019 resolution lists all of the past climate resolutions members of the City Council […]

Rich Rifkin: A way to reverse the climate crisis?

There is no sane debate whether CO2 is rapidly building up in Earth’s atmosphere. Six months ago at the weather station on Mauna Loa, Hawaii, carbon dioxide in our atmosphere was measured at 414.8 parts per million, the highest level in human history and probably the peak in the past 3 million years. Before 1800 […]

Rich Rifkin: Sadly, the numbers look good for Trump

I fear the worst: that Donald Trump will win again in 2020. Despite his incessant dishonesty; despite accepting emoluments from foreign governments; despite his attacks on democracies and supporting dictators; despite conducting foreign policy for his personal benefit and against our national interest; despite committing high crimes and misdemeanors; and despite his sloth, stupidity and […]

Rich Rifkin: We can see Mount Diablo for miles and miles and miles

欧洲杯竞猜On Nov. 8, 1850, Joseph Ballinger Chiles bought 4,327 acres on the north side of Putah Creek from Marcos and Manuel Vaca. He paid $10,000, all cash. Then called Rancho Laguna de Santos Calle, it would become the city of Davis, named for Col. Chiles’s son-in-law and business partner, Jerome C. Davis. With a dividing […]

Rich Rifkin: Great news — teen birth rate continues to fall

The election of Donald Trump changed me. I can no longer watch television news. It’s the same story every night — Trump, Trump, Trump.  When NPR talks Trump, I turn to music stations. When I see a Trump headline in a newspaper or magazine, I flip the page or close a website.  I’m tired of […]

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Welcome 2019: David Joshel embodies the DNA of cycling in Davis

Volunteers started the Davis Bike Club in the early 1970s. They organized rides and encouraged people to get out and ride. Although the club formally incorporated as a nonprofit in 1979, it has always been an organization of volunteers and that pitch-in-and-do-what-needs-doing attitude remains its esprit de corps. No one in the Davis Bike Club […]

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Rich Rifkin: Voracious pensions are eating up Davis streets

Bumpity, bumpity, bumpity, bumpity … was the noise radiating from my bicycle’s tires as I pedaled to a friend’s house over fractured asphalt on Isla Place in North Davis. While a cobblestone surface is expected in a bike race like Paris-Roubaix, it’s jarring to find Davis streets in such rough conditions. I joked to friends […]

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Rich Rifkin: The highest price for the worst results

欧洲杯竞猜Say you want to buy a single-family house in Davis. There are 21 for sale, ranging in price from $337,000 to $1,021,000.   One home stands out: It’s on the smallest lot; the roof leaks; the appliances don’t work; the foundation is cracked; the bathrooms are moldy; and it abuts noisy Interstate 80.  Oh, and […]

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Rich Rifkin: Customer service — sometimes it’s better not to ask

On my recent mini-vacation to southern Oregon, almost everything went perfectly. My buddy Mark and I drove from Davis to Klamath Falls on a Friday afternoon, conquered our 100-mile Crater Lake bike ride Saturday and had a pleasant drive home Sunday. We were blessed with great weather, good roads, nice people, excellent food and spectacular […]

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